Manon Bovenkerk | Ocnophilia

Manon Bovenkerk | Ocnophilia

1 juli - 1 september

In april 2006 presenteerde Manon Bovenkerk in Rotterdam haar boek en film Ocnophilia waaraan zij in de zomer 2005 tijdens haar verblijf in Kolderveen had gewerkt.

Ze schrijft over zichzelf: 'My work consists of drawings and video's in the fringe area of graphic novels, drawing, cinema and animation. The images I use are often derivates from cinema and recognisable as camera shots, so the resonate a familiar meaning. At the same time I use them for a very particular universe of association and interpretation. By working in large series of drawings I can allow the story to originate freely, from picking and choosing images but also from the act of drawing itself. It is a way of letting the subconscious and visceral take over the rational, to focus on ambiguity, a way not to be sure.'

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